Voicetraining in English in Frankfurt-Bockenheim

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Price on request . Please send an email with your inquiry and background. Thank you!

Voice, language, communication - the various aspects

  • Experience your voice consciously and use it thereby effectively
  • Learn on the basis of a comprehensive creative voice analysis to use your voice variable yet situationally appropriate
  • Learn to develop a good relaxed internal state, as well as physical perception and attitude as the basis for a good and effective speaking

You´re looking for an englishspeaking voicetraining in Frankfurt?

Good! Than please send me an email with your inquiry and background.

I´ll get back to you a.s.a.p. and you´ll get all the information about the training and the conditions. Price on request.

Sprachpunkt Frankfurt . Basaltstr. 8 . 60487 Frankfurt-Bockenheim


Firma: Sprachpunkt Frankfurt - Individual Voicetraining
Telefon: 069/67808210
Straße: Basaltstr. 8
Ort: 60487 Frankfurt
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